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Monday 9 March 2015

Hoping for Spring!

Muskoka Chairs in Winter
Muskoka Chairs in Winter
It's been a real winter - even here in Toronto. Although December and January temperatures varied we had record lows and lots of snow for the entire month of February. It was cold with a dusting of snow when we were in Ottawa in December: Parliament Hill & Ottawa River
Parliament Hill & Ottawa River
It was just above 0C and no snow at all in Rouge Park in Toronto in late January but just a few days later Toronto's inner harbour would freeze over and there would be some snow. Rouge Park, ON in Winter
Rouge Park, ON in Winter
Toronto Skyline in Winter
Toronto Skyline in Winter
I'm a firm believer that to cope with or even enjoy winter you have to get out into it like this person windsurfing on the ice: Windsurfing on Ice
Windsurfing on Ice
Certainly we tried to get out to "enjoy" the winter often (see Ron's blog posting "Working in the Cold"). But even this hardy Gray Jay looked like it was praying winter would soon be over: Gray Jay
Gray Jay
Personally I was hoping that Wiarton Willie was correct in his Groundhog Day prediction of an early spring rather than what the other groundhogs found. Groundhog
I also hoped that March would come in like a lamb. March 1st it did get up to the single minus digits - a balmy -4C! However March 3rd's +1C was cruel with freezing rain and a widespread power outage in Toronto including into the sub-zero overnight hours. So what should we expect for the end of March? Was that lion or lamb? Lamb
Today however there is hope! Rainbow - a sign of Hope
Rainbow - a sign of Hope
We are to have sunshine and a high of +7C. Lake Ontario Morning
Lake Ontario Morning
I just hope it doesn't turn us from this: Little Rouge Creek, ON
Little Rouge Creek, ON
to this: Burleigh Falls, Ontario
Burleigh Falls, Ontario
Let's hope not!

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