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Thursday 20 May 2010

A Confession

(also known as "This Space for Rent")

I must make a confession. While camping this past weekend I coveted my neighbours trailer. Yes it is true - I want to be trailer trash! Robins
Robins in Nest - Click for larger
We tent camped at Rondeau Provincial Park, hopeful that staying in the park would allow us to view and photograph many beautiful migrant warblers travelling to their northern nesting grounds. And indeed we did see and photograph some lovely birds.Baltimore Oriole
Baltimore Oriole - Click for larger
The hikes at dawn were good for the soul. The rising sun warmed our backs and lit up the little birds as they flitted about. Magnolia Warbler
Magnolia Warbler - Click for larger
I really enjoyed that. Honest. A beautiful Pipevine Swallowtail, a butterfly that's rarely seen in Canada even posed for the cameras. Pipevine Swallowtail
Pipevine Swallowtail - Click for larger
But sadly all these sightings just weren't enough to keep me from lusting over the trailers of other campers. No doubt I was drooling when we were invited to step inside a friend's trailer. I just couldn't help myself!

No I couldn't stop myself from imagining Ron and I having a meal or processing the day's images at the table while sitting on chairs with real backs, rather than the backless benches of a bird-dirt splattered picnic table. We wouldn't even have to set up a dining tent let alone haul bins back and forth from the car. Instead everything would be stored away in the handy cupboards. Just how much food could be kept cold in the refrigerator when a bag of ice wasn't hogging space? I wondered how comfortable the always-made Queen-sized bed would feel compared to our air-bed that becomes slack with the dropping night temperature. About four steps is what I figured it would take me to get from that warm duvet covered bed to the enclosed bathroom - no shoes or pyjama bottoms required. I also wouldn't have to worry about the unzipping of tent flaps and running out into the dark to look for the nearest outhouse with who knows what (bears?!) might be lurking nearby. In the morning I could actually step out of bed and choose from a drawer what clothes to put on that day. I wouldn't have to put back on the yesterday's clothes (the night before I usually forget to find fresh clothes from the great abyss the van becomes on road trips). But the best part of all would be those clothes could be put on while standing up! I wouldn't have to struggle into jeans while lying down - something I thought I could stop doing when the skin-tight jeans from my youth went out of fashion. Even undergarments could be put on correctly rather than leaving me feeling slightly askew all day. Sleepy Raccoon
Sleepy Raccoon - Click for larger
Yes indeed, a trailer or better yet a truck camper or van would be ideal for our up-coming road trip across the country. So if there are RV dealers or manufacturers reading this blog we are open to offers of your providing us with one. In exchange you would get the free advertisement in this space. No doubt I would go on at length about the RV's many features and how we were enjoying our travels in it. And of course there would be pictures of the RV against some stunning vista. But failing the selling of this space (and my soul) I will try to remind myself of the advantages to our tent camping: the lower fuel consumption, the portability, nothing to tow, low enough to get into underground parking garages, the not having to sleep with odours of the day's meals... I'll pretend that we have sacrificed our comfort in order to be more environmentally friendly and help save the planet. And if during our journeys any of you out there are indeed reading this blog, maybe you might even believe me. Well maybe just a little!

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Anonymous Marta said...

Ha! I enjoyed your blog and your secret (although not anymore) desire to be trailer trash. I hope your dream some day comes true (and soon)!! Absolutely beautiful photos.

21 May 2010 at 20:56  
Anonymous Cynthia said...

Great photos. And trashy or not, I hope you have a wonderful cross-country trip!

25 May 2010 at 20:07  

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