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Wednesday 1 July 2009

We are the Beaver (Canadian Symbols)

(Note: Pointing your mouse at any image will display a larger view) Beaver - an official Canadian EmblemOn one memorable July 1st/Canada Day many moons ago my traveling partner Ron Erwin and I found ourselves stuck in traffic heading into downtown Kenora, Ontario. It was a hot summer's afternoon and our car didn't have air conditioning and we were getting rather impatient with the slow moving traffic. But then we realized that it wasn't a traffic jam at all but rather a Canada Day parade. Appropriately enough we were bringing up the rear of the parade decked out in Canada's official colours as we had our red canoe tied onto the roof of our white car. What could be more Canadian than that? Bull (male) Moose - not an official Canadian SymbolThe canoe, although a preferred mode of travel for many Canadians, does not have official status as a symbol or emblem of Canada. Some people also think this mighty animal on the left - the moose - is (or should be?) a symbol of Canada. But it isn't. At least not officially. Instead the lowly beaver (above) was given the official emblem status in 1975 because of the important role the beaver's pelt played in the fur trade in the 1600's-1800's.Maple Leaf ©Ron ErwinOther official symbols of Canada are the maple tree and the maple leaf. Of course the maple leaf with the official red and white colours make up the Canadian Flag. The Canada Goose? It's NOT an official symbol of Canada either.Canada Goose in Flight ©Ron ErwinOver the next few weeks I'll post the official emblems and symbols of Canadian Provinces and Territories. So keep watching this blog. Happy Birthday Canada!

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