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Tuesday 16 August 2016

Life Changes

From Manitoulin Island we continued on to Lake Superior Provincial Park. There we would try to relax by swimming and reading and yes some photography.  Rabbit Blanket Lake, Lake Superior Provincial Park, ON
Rabbit Blanket Lake, Lake Superior Provincial Park, ON

But mostly we were just trying to get our heads around being on the road. Photographic road trips are never easy – living out of a van especially. But this year because of the health situation of various family members it seemed even harder to get started. We weren’t certain we even wanted to leave the province. The Yukon just seemed too far away,

It was especially hard leaving my Mom on Manitoulin. She had put her name on a waiting list for the nearest nursing home. It has become just too hard for her living alone in the country. It is what she wants but it is a big change for my entire family. Mom has lived in her house since she and my Dad built it in the 1950’s. She has even lived her entire life in the same small community (less a 6-month stint living in St. Catherines when she was a WWII bomb-girl). No, it won’t be an easy change for anyone. But it was her decision. Her strength determination and resilience are always an inspiration to me.

 Manitoulin Elm Trees
Manitoulin Elm Trees

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Anonymous Marta said...

She's a strong lady!!!

21 August 2016 at 11:48  

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