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Wednesday 13 July 2011


It's a place you feel safe. That is indeed how I feel when I climb into bed in our van when camping. Safe. I close the sliding side door and kind of sigh, shutting out the noisy nearby campers, the smoky campfires, the rain, the bugs, and the bears...
(see our blog postings from last summer re building a bed in the van: Ron's and mine)
Last year when we camped in grizzly country it was nice to get up close to a grizzly during the day yet not worry about them being around while sleeping. Grizzly
Grizzly - Click for larger

But sleeping in the van is actually more than sanctuary to me. It is cozy. And warm. Somehow that double air mattress advertised as queen-sized actually feels more spacious and comfortable with the two of us in it than most motels’ double beds that are really physically wider. In a motel we are closed off from the outside world. We can't see a moose walk past; Mooaw
Moose - Click for larger
tell when the light is good; or, if it is our van's alarm going off. But inside the van its tinted windows offer great 360-degree views of our surroundings. And we see lots of beautiful views in our travels. Tombstone Viewpoint
Tombstone Viewpoint - Click for larger

Sure sleeping in the van has some drawbacks. I still can't get dressed standing up; I still have to go outside to walk to the dining tent or the bathroom; the windows need to be open a little for ventilation; and so we have to attach screens. If it is raining we either need to close the windows or put up a tarp covering them. Yet still we would rather sleep in our van if there is a nice scene or something else we want to photograph nearby. Piping Plover
Piping Plover - Click for larger

Already on our travels this year we've seen some beautiful scenery. In Gros Morne National Park the Long Range Mountains, The Tablelands, the forests, the bays on the Atlantic and inland freshwater fjords and ponds (lakes to us from ‘away’) all make for stunning vistas. The Tablelands
The Tablelands - Click for larger

We camped quite comfortably for a couple of days at Lomond with views of the mountains across Bonne Bay. The weather was sunny and pleasant on the first day. The second day was cloudy and muggy and not great for photographing scenery. About 9:30 in the evening it started to lightly rain - no problem we had a brand new tarp that we hung over the van that was so big we could stand outside the doors and not get wet. The rain became heavier but still we stayed dry and cozy in our van. As dawn approached a little after 4am the wind picked up and the occasional big gust violently whipped the tarp around on its ropes startling us in and out of sleep. At 6:30 another angry gust tore the grommet right off one corner of the tarp and broke a peg holding down another. That's when we knew it was time to get up and take it down before the wind blew the tarp or our dining tent away. The winds can be fierce in Newfoundland! So we moved on. Unfortunately there isn’t always a campground near where we want to be. Or like today not only is it raining but the temperature has dropped so low that would make hanging out in the dining tent during the day quite miserable. So we found a motel and hunkered down for a couple of days. Our bodies never quite appreciate motel beds though – they always are either too soft or too hard. The air mattress in the van? It’s always just right!Iceberg Alley
Iceberg Alley - Click for larger

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Anonymous Marta said...

So nice to have the first installment from your summer adventure! Glad to hear that you are enjoying the bed in the van you made last year! It does sound cozy and wonderful the way you describe it! I enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to hearing further tales!

14 July 2011 at 01:07  
Anonymous Lola said...

Great to read about your travels as they happen. Enjoying your stories & Ron's photos!

14 July 2011 at 19:49  

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