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Sunday 1 August 2010

An Apology

Spruce Trees
Spruce Trees - Click for larger

I need to apologize. I have judged Winnipeg harshly. We were driving through Manitoba listening to CBC radio and heard the warning for people to stay indoors in certain neighbourhoods while they sprayed for mosquitoes. I said, “Good grief are they really still doing that spray program knowing what we know about pesticides today?”

But that was before. I have been enlightened since then. I have been to the Northwest Territories!
Fireweed and Boreal Forest
Fireweed and Boreal Forest - Click for larger

The hordes of bugs attacked the moment we stepped out of the car at the border. We looked almost calm in this photo.Ron and Lori and the NWT border
Ron and Lori and the NWT border - Click for larger
Strangely enough the hundreds of attacking horse flies at first seemed more interested in the dead bugs squished onto our car. But they found us soon enough. And those horse flies weren’t alone. They were accompanied by hundreds of black flies and mosquitoes. So as I slathered myself in bug dope I realized I owed Winnipeg this apology. I’m sorry. If I lived with this many bugs, I would want to spray too!

We soldiered on doped-up and with new respect for those that live in the real North. I did wonder if the swarming horde was what drove the bison to role in their dirt wallows – their tails seem to be too short to be an effective fly swatter. Bison Herd
Bison Herd - Click for larger

This Waterfalls photo is for you Mom.Lady Evelyn Falls, NWT
Lady Evelyn Falls, NWT - Click for larger

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Anonymous Marta said...

On behalf of Winnipeg, I accept your apology. The bugs do sound horrid! But look! A photo of you two!!! So nice to see your faces after these weeks!!!!

5 August 2010 at 20:09  

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