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Thursday 20 September 2007

Getting Started with a Dream

Last night I went to bed mulling over this blog. I was stewing over the technical problems of switching from blogging at http://www.ronerwin.blogspot.com to our own server at http://www.ronerwin.com . But I was also wondering how on earth I would even start writing again after a hiatus of over a year, many weeks of traveling, and thousands of images later when the idea of the blog was to document our photographic journeys. Do I go back and pick-up where I left off and make the postings sequential by date or post randomly? Or, do I skip the last year that took us through the western provinces and north to the Yukon,
(Kluane National Park, YT)
and more recently to the east coast including Newfoundland and Labrador? (Labrador iceberg right) That was my dilemma. So this is where my dream comes in. When I visualize the word “dream” I see it in wavy lines like italics. It’s the same for the actual images of my dreams. In my head they are all wavy or misty like this image taken last Thanksgiving of the sun rising over the St. Lawrence River in Brockville, Ontario. But I digress… The first image I recall from last night’s dream is of me and this grumpy bald guy I once worked with walking on the gravel road past the wildflower filled forest (like this one at Sandbanks Provincial Park below) towards the dairy farm where I was raised. Mr. Bald & Grumpy suddenly had long chin-length dark hair and I thought to myself that Ron would find it really funny that his hair had improved both Mr. B&G’s looks AND his disposition. So the Reformed B&G and I arrive at the farm and go into the barn for some sort of photography class (possibly given by Ron). But the barn is now more of a huge industrial building or warehouse. There were people from my past lives – some I worked with and others I grew up with (cousins actually), milling around in the milking area of the former stable. But the stanchions and gutters were gone. I wandered about taking note of all the differences in the stable and getting in trouble with IT guys for opening doors and peering into weird and oddly placed cupboards and exposing network wiring. We were each to give some sort of photographic presentation on farms. I was dreading giving my presentation as I didn’t know what to present. As I listened to one European immigrant city woman give her presentation on “farming today” I looked about marvelling over the differences in the barn compared to when I was a kid – such as the staircase that now descended from the hay mow above the stable through the feed hole that was formerly used to drop hay or straw bails below. Then it suddenly hit me! I would do my presentation on the farm of my childhood – how I once jumped through that very feedhole/now staircase onto a soft pile of straw below and lived to tell the tale. In the farm of my childhood, we kids (and there were many of us especially when you add in the neighbours and/or cousins) played in corn fields with stalks so high that we couldn’t see over them but yet we didn’t get lost. Today’s corn fields are being encroached on by new subdivisions like this one in Markham, Ontario, (below) where you wouldn’t let your small kids play outside alone let alone in corn fields. So I would do my presentation on the farm of my childhood – the one with a well treed hill with many mighty oaks and birch trees for climbing. Everyone’s favourite was a paper birch tree into which someone (possibly an older brother?) had inserted an old tractor’s steering wheel. As the tree grew it absorbed the steering wheel into its limbs as if it was really a part of it and turned the tree into our airplane and a perfect place to let our childish imaginations soar. I was smiling as I recalled these real memories in my dream, and this is when I woke up - still smiling, for I now knew what to do. I would just write this blog about anything at all – memories, movies, our travels – wherever the day, the road, my dreams or life takes me. But each post will of course feature images and/or photographs by Ron, my partner in life and in Ron Erwin Photography. I hope that I’ve made you curious as this fox (above) on the Alaska Highway in BC, and that from time to time you’ll visit me here at Lori’s Log to see what’s going on – in the past, the present or just my head! And please, leave some sign that you've visited.
Labrador Innukshuk ->

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Blogger Tammy said...

Wow Lori - don't know if it is the memories you brought up, or the day, but I am in tears. Loved your blog! Have a great weekend in Killarney!

21 September 2007 at 15:45  
Blogger Beck said...

I remember that tree well! I spent many happy hours perched in it Loved your blog, my sister! You have a wonderful writing style and the pictures are breathtaking! Rhonda

21 September 2007 at 15:57  
Blogger Beck said...

Wonderful, wonderful post, Lori! I can't wait to read about your adventures!

21 September 2007 at 16:42  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really like the way you incorporated your dream into the pictures and your real-life memories. A very enjoyable read, and I look forward to your future blogs!

24 September 2007 at 10:55  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wonderful, Lori. Enjoyed your story...you have a true talent with words. Ron's photos are unbelievable! Can't wait for the next instalment.


24 September 2007 at 19:17  

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